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31x15.50-15 BKT Skid Power HD Skidsteer Tyre (10PLY) TL

31x15.50-15 BKT Skid Power HD Skidsteer Tyre (10PLY) TL

31x15.50-15 BKT Skid Power HD Skidsteer Tyre (10PLY) TL   31x15.50-15 BKT Skid Power HD Skidsteer Tyre (10PLY) TL

The BKT Skidpower HD Skidsteer 31x15.50-15 is the Heavy duty version of the Skidsteer SK. It is a high quality skidsteer tyre at a very competitive price.

The BKT Skidpower HD features an extra deep tread and sidewall protection. This tyre is ideal for loose surfaces and heavy duty applications while offering excellent cut and chip resistance and outstanding durability. Please note that even if a wheel / rim is shown in the image, it is not included in the sale. What does all the information in the product title and description mean? Well we have broken down some of the terminology for you below to help. The first batch of numbers in the title is the size of the tyre. This must match your existing tyre size. The next part is the product Brand and Model. We then put the general usage category for the type of tyre.

And load/speed index if available. After that we show whether the tyre is "Tubeless". Tube types requires an inner tube.

Lastly we show if the tyre is e-marked for road use. Northern Scotland & Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands, UK Islands, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (EIRE).

All of these destinations will accrue a surcharge. We have included some helpful tips for you to get your tyres back into shape and onto the rims below. This can be quite difficult especially with larger and more aggressive heavy ply tyres.

Working around the tyre tread, flatten down, push out and remould any high spots. The aim is to try and get the tyre as close as possible to its original shape. Taking some time to do this step well will save a lot of time when trying to seat the beads. Carefully flex the beads in and out to get the tyre ready for seating onto the rim.

Once tyres are mounted onto the rim, there are several ways of seating the beads. Using a'bead blaster' this is one of the fastest and safest ways. Using a ratchet strap around the centre of the tread can help push the beads out to seat onto the rim if a bead blaster is not available. An inner tube can also be used to inflate the tyre onto the rim until the beads seat.

The top bead can then be broken and the tube removed, leaving the back bead in place. Fit a new tubeless valve and re-inflate the tyre. It is well worth balancing all tyres, some rims may not allow this and NOT all agricultural tyres can be balanced properly. Lastly, we advise using professional tyre fitters for all tyre installations.

They have the equipment to correctly mount and inflate tyres, dramatically reducing the chance of damage to the tyres, wheels and fitters! It is worth checking with tyre fitters if they have the facility to mount tyres onto smaller rims and also if they have bead seating equipment, as this is often the most difficult part. Goods must be complete, unused (and unfitted in the case of wheels, tyres and inner tubes) and have all original contents, instructions, documentation and packaging.

31x15.50-15 BKT Skid Power HD Skidsteer Tyre (10PLY) TL   31x15.50-15 BKT Skid Power HD Skidsteer Tyre (10PLY) TL